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TaosNet has been providing exceptional broadband Internet service to Taos Ski Valley, Inc. for years. TSV knows it can rely on TaosNet to provide the Internet access that we must have to be successful in today's high tech world. As our online business grows, we know that Taosnet will reliably provide the bandwidth we need. At the end of a canyon where traditional phone and data service is limited, TaosNet has come through time and time again ensure our internet access is reliable. For years, Taosnet has provided the access and bandwidth we need to run a large company efficiently.

-- Adriana Blake Taos Ski Valley

Always there when you need 'em!

-- Suzy T. Kane

We have been with TaosNet for many years and think they WALK ON WATER!

-- John Farnsworth and Thea Swengel

I've been with TaosNet for many years and have been am happy with both operational efficiency and quality of service. Any issues I've had, with service or with my computer, have been resolved quickly and painlessly. I'm a fan.

-- Linda Stenseth

Thank you TaosNet for giving our community a high quality local choice for Internet. Your customer service is superior, your reliability seems unfailing and your prices are fair.

-- Bruce Ross

We have been with TaosNet since the beginning. We are extremely happy with the service and technical back up! And, it's LOCAL!

-- Michael McCormick

Besides the extra speed and pleasure of working with a competent, friendly, call-them-any-time LOCAL business, there’s something magical about connecting to the Internet this way.

-- John Hamilton Farr http://www.farrfeed.com/2012/10/20/wireless-how-sweet-it-is/

We have been with TaosNet since 48k dialup was the only option in our area. We used to take our old Apple computers into John's conference room for faster software downloads. The later transition to fixed wireless service was seamless. The staff understands the importance of great customer service and that it includes both positive attitude and professionalism. In particular, Mark's knowledge of Apple products has been most helpful in resolving hardware and software issues over the years. We are very happy with our TaosNet relationship and look forward to continuing same.

-- Peter Lindsley

I have been a very satisfied client of Taos Net since inception and highly recommend their professionalism and efficacy,
Keep up the good work. Merci

-- Dadou Mayer

Thanks for your excellent service. After abandoning Q-West I have my phone service with T-Mobile through the internet and, of course, your service. Problems have been rare and correction prompt.
Keep up the good work -----

-- Jack McKenney

I switched to Taosnet sometime during 2011. I have been very pleased with the uninterrupted service and with the courteous, responsive assistance provided by the Taosnet employees whenever I've requested their help. I highly recommend this ISP.

-- Jim White Taos, NM