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The earth shuddered.

Trees shook, dropping leaves on the tidy nest below.

The nest belonged to an iguanodon. As the eggs rolled around, their mother Brenda steadied them with a claw.

'What on earth?' she wondered.

'What on earth?' you might be wondering. How is this related to an Internet service provider?

In the infancy of the public Internet, stories such as the quote above in Emma Laybourn's Earthshaker, were found at your local library. Now, the library is digital. TaosNet has been providing access to this digital library since 1996.

TaosNet was founded in 1995 by John Batis of Columbine Printing, Janet Webb of Webb Design, Fred Winter of Winter Accountancy. Access to the Internet through TaosNet was a 56K frame relay with 7 analog modems connected to 7 phone lines. In an area where poor phone lines could wipe hours of work downloading a large (5M) program, something had to change.

TaosNet's first foray into broadband consisted of 2.4GHz wireless antennas. These antennas were capable of delivering up to 1024Kbits per second; an astonishing 40 times faster than the fastest practical analog modem speeds in Taos!

Things were looking good for Taos and TaosNet with the new faster peppier Internet access. If there is something in common with the world now and the world that the dinosaurs lived in, it must be that nothing ever stands still. As more and more people were getting faster and faster connections to the Internet, the Internet itself started to change.

No longer the slim baby weighing in at 5lbs, the current Internet is a multi-ton behemoth. Wait hours for a 5M file you say? In todays Internet, 5M of traffic can be generated in navigating a simple news site for 30 seconds. YouTube? Netflix? They are on a different scale entirely.

TaosNet is also on a different scale. The largest Internet service provider in Northern New Mexico, TaosNet's wireless network has expanded to include general access customers to get over 12Mbits per second; enough to watch HDTV shows with bandwidth to spare. For special needs customers, TaosNet can even provide 100Mbit per second connections.

100Mbits per second? While this may seem like enough for now, TaosNet need only look to its roots to know that this is not likely to be enough in the future. For TaosNet, the story has only just begun...