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The Team

TaosNet's staff features a range of unique individuals. With a low turnover rate, and an all local staff, you can contact the same individual year after year. He might even be your neighbor. All of TaosNet's staff is knowledgeable and capable, so you often only have to talk to one person.

Chris Batis, born and raised in Taos, received a BS in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He uses his knowledge to help build the network and servers that make up the core of TaosNet's access network. He also utilizes his interest in both playing and designing video games to improve TaosNet's network for all gamers. In his off hours, besides video games, Chris enjoys playing tennis and basketball. His fondness for video games was predated by an enjoyment of playing chess with his father, John Batis, as part of the Taos Knighthawks Junior Chess Club.

John brings his experience developing chess strategies to the table as he directs the flow of TaosNet.  John received a B.S. degree in physics at the University of Pittsburgh. He applies the problem solving abilities he learned through the study of physics to the complicated problems that come up in running the TaosNet network. The Managing Partner and one of the Co-Founders of TaosNet, John built the TaosNet network from scratch.  Using his superb problem solving abilities, he created a very solid, strong, and secure system.   As a successful business owner in Taos for more than 35 years. John knows the area, the people, and how to make everything work. In his rare free time, John can be found on the ridges and peaks of various mountains, climbing them in the summer and fall, and skiing them in the winter and spring. John is joined by Fred Winter, the other Partner in TaosNet, in making the business end of things work well. Fred Winter is the owner of Winter Accountancy, and Heritage Trust Company of New Mexico. His impressive skills as an accountant, a successful financial adviser and very knowledgeable businessman make him a highly valued partner in this enterprise.

The person people will see and talk to the most is the receptionist, Joe McCutcheon. Joe, along with his wife Lisa, owns the Bed and Breakfast, Casa Europa. He thrives at providing a pleasant atmosphere for his guests and our customers. Prior to moving to Taos, he lived in Los Angeles and acted in movies. He also was an IT administrator, managing 600 employees in the corporate world. Not only adept at solving your problems, he is a wonderful raconteur, who delights people with his stories. He is assisted in helping TaosNet customers by Tim Eckert.

Tim can solve a wide variety of problems. He excels at both phone and in person tech support. He is also TaosNet's primary network engineer for offsite client networks. He manages and supports several Windows based networks. He enjoys cultivating his garden, where he grows some of his own food, and being the father of a lovely young daughter.

Sam Lambie draws on his rock climbing skills to scale mountains, towers, and roofs to install the Access Points (AP) that provide wireless service all over Taos County. Much of the research, planning, and installing of these APs are Sam's contributions. Sam is responsible for the expansive fixed wireless network that is the mainstay of Internet Access for many living in the greater Taos area. His creative efforts extend to photography and cooking. In another life, Sam, who was trained as a chef, worked his magic with food for the lucky passengers on private yachts in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Seas.  Sam is also an accomplished pool player.

Manuel Sandoval is a Taos native, and the longest tenured employee of TaosNet, he has had a hand in almost all of the installations provided by TaosNet. Not one to spend much of his time inside, Manuel is an accomplished fisherman and photographer, with a good eye for capturing the beauty of nature. He is also responsible for the lovely woodwork in the TaosNet office.

Bryan Salazar, also born and raised in Taos, is one of the recent additions to the TaosNet team. His addition to the field crew brings several certified tools to TaosNet. His is certified in fiber optic cable splicing, a certified welder, several years electrical experience, and a professional certified father of four! He is also an accomplished team roper, big game hunter, and fisherman. He enjoys spending most of his time with his family, as well as chasing the kids and roping them in for dinner time.

Lisa Vigil is another Taos native and the newest addition to the TaosNet team. She brings with her a BS in Computer Information Systems from New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM. She utilizes those skills for both phone support, as well as in person office support at TaosNet. Outside of work, she enjoys weekend camping, hiking, and fishing with her kids in the mountains of Taos.