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Web Hosting and Web Publishing Products

To utilize our web hosting products, you must choose a domain name (mybusiness.com) that has not yet been registered with an ICANN accredited registrar. A domain name reinforces your business identity by allowing you to have a customized email address (me@mybusiness.com) and, of course, a unique URL... http://www.mybusiness.com. Click here to register your domain name.

After the initial set-up and registration fees, and depending on the term selected, you will be billed by TaosNet to maintain your domain name registration. You will be responsible for creating, publicizing and maintaining your site and all subsites within your domain. You may resell disk space within your domain and create a unique site in any way you choose. TaosNet will bill you based on the number of email accounts within your domain, the amount of disk space used and number of GB transferred each month, and any other of our web hosting services

Each site comes with a free TaosNet Business Directory Listing.

Web Hosting Products (Monthly rates listed)
Pop - Email Accounts 1 5 1
Email Aliases unlimited unlimited unlimited
Web Hit Reports yes yes yes
Disk Space 500 MB 1000 MB
250 MB
Transfers 25 GB
100 GB
15 GB
PHP & CGI-BIN yes yes yes
MySQL** $5/mo yes yes
Monthly Fee $20 $35 $10
Setup Fee $25 $30 $10

** These services require special Setup Fees: MySQL - $30.

Co-Location Services
Plan 1
Plan 2
Monthly Fee $100 $200
Monthly Transfers 50GB
Setup Fee $200 $200

The co-location option provides for rack space and electricity to locate your equipment on our network. TaosNet provides battery backup and an auto-sensing diesel powered generator in the event of any extended power outage to insure uninterrupted service.

The service allows for access to your equipment during normal business hours. Emergency access or any other system administration or monitoring of your equipment is subject to our prevailing consulting rates of $75 per hour.

There is no additional charge for standard 19" rack mount equipment no larger than 2U. For non-rack mount equipment, an additional $50 monthly fee will apply. Non-rack mount equipment shall not exceed 16" high.

Client must provide insurance for their equipment. TaosNet shall not be responsibile for losses due to theft, fire, or other damage.

All prices are subject to New Mexico Gross Receipts tax.

Web Extras

Maintaining Your Web Site

TaosNet offers a wide range of Hosting Solutions, however you are responsible for the uploading and maintenance of your site. TaosNet can upload your HTML files for you if you are uncertain of ftp procedures or just need a little help. The fee for this service is subject to our prevailing per hour rate. We can supply a list of HTML designers in the area who can help you design your Web pages. Consultation services are available to help you develop a first-class web site. Your web site will be referenced in TaosNet's Business Directory.

Web Hit Accounting

As part of our Web Site Account services, we provide a web hit report detailing activity generated by your web site at the beginning of each month for the preceding month. We will tell you how many megabytes of data was transferred, how many hits (files transferred) and number of visitors your site attracted by detailing individual hits to each of the files that make up your web site.. (We would love to hear about how these visits translated into sales for your business.)

Fees for High Visitation

The more popular your web site becomes, the more hits it receives and the harder our server must work. The larger your graphics files are, the longer the transmission time required and, again, the harder our server must work. Please visit our Web Hosting page for more information.


The Internet is a valuable marketing tool because of its interactive capabilities. You may add a questionnaire or an order form to your site enabling viewers to respond immediately. The responses, which have to be processed by a cgi-bin or PHP/database mechanism, are deposited in your email box. We provide the PERL script, FormMail.pl from Matt's Script Archives, in addition to several others. Please ask for the address of our on-line documentation. The price for CGI-BIN/PHP usage is included in the normal monthly hosting charge.

Technical Support

$60 per hour. We can also provide a list of other Taos suppliers of HTML and technical support.

Domain Hosting and Aliasing

TaosNet can work closely with you in registering and hosting your own domain on our server. Our experience and dedication can provide the technical support needed for you to have your own presence on the Internet. For more details, please see Web Hosting. Please visit our domain name registration area if you'd like to register a commercial domain name through TaosNet.

Unix Shell Access

For security and performance reasons, Unix shell access is not available on our server. For assistance in using FTP software tools to service web sites, give us a call at 575-758-7598 or email to help@taosnet.com.