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Fiber Install Final Phase

TaosNet recommends that you fill out the form to get fiber installed to your property.

Kit Carson has reached the final phase of the installation of the Enchanted Light Fiber Optic project. This entails branching off the backbone fiber to install at each individual house. To move this along, we are asking that you fill out the form to have the fiber installed to your house. Getting fiber installed does not put you under any obligation to get Internet service with Kit Carson, or even any obligation to get Internet service at all. Once the grant period is over though, the installation will no longer be free, and you will have to pay to get your location hooked into the network. The deadline to sign up is December 31, 2014.

To get signed up with TaosNet as your possible future service provider, Go to the fiber sign up form and complete it as per the instructions below.

Fill in the top portion labeled:

Contact Info

Fill out with the appropriate contact information; name, address, meter number, etc.

Fill out the next sections as per the picture below.

Add any additional comments that are appropriate.

If you have any questions please call us at 575.758.7598.