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This technology uses high-frequency radio waves rather than wires to communicate between nodes. It makes broadband access available in areas where DSL is unavailable, and in remote areas without any phone lines. Requires an outdoor antenna and router to connect.
Speed (512Kbps - 12Mbps and more)
Wireless customers have a choice of download speeds from 512 Kbps to 3 Mbps through most of our service area. TaosNet now has t-Max available in the Taos area that is capable of up to 12 Mbps. Installations with more than 4 computers or customers wishing to use any servers are subject to business rates.
Not sure what speed is best for you? Check out our guide.

Clear line of sight, with a distance of up to thirteen (13) miles, to one of TaosNet's Wireless access points is required for access. Please call to schedule a free site survey to determine availablity.

Fixed Wireless costs range from $35 to $95 for Residential users, and $35 to $275 for business users.Small businesses with up to 4 computers qualify for Residential rates.
t-MAX (6Mbps-12Mbps) rates range from $95 to $150 for Residential users. Please call for Business Rates for t-Max. TaosNet also offers higher speed Point-To-Point links. Please call for details.
Subject to a 1-year contract. Please check here for more details.
Installation and Setup
Free Site Survey to determine availability, and what level of service can be offered. TaosNet is now offering Free installation when switching from another broadband provider. For any other new service with a monthly cost of $50 or greater, installation is $100. New installations with a monthly cost of less than $50 cost $200. Installation and setup process:
  • TaosNet will perform a site survey. This will determine service level availability.
  • TaosNet will schedule a time for your installation.
Above costs require a one year contract. If an initial contract must be cancelled we require payment of half (50%) of the remaining contract duration value and return of equipment if applicable. For an additional one time fee, we can waive the contract requirement.
Wireless requires an external antenna to be installed outside your building. The external antenna will then be cabled to an internal router. The internal router will have wireless capability to connect your computer to the internet. You may also cable directly to the router.

TaosNet Premium Support

The prices listed below includes TaosNet Premium Support. This support level includes WiFi enabled router, equipment protection plan, public static IP address, an @taosnet.com or @newmex.com email address, and free phone tech support from our local, very knowledgeable staff. TaosNet Premium Support separates TaosNet from the competition and has proven to be a value added service that has been responsible for the large, loyal client base that TaosNet is proud to serve.

Asynchronous Services

Asynchronous Services have a higher download speed than upload speed. This is good for casual users that mainly browse the internet.

Asynchronous Promotional Rates for New Accounts (Residential)
Service Monthly Cost (Residential/Business) Usage Availability
Number of Users Speed
Taos-Hum $35/$35 VOIP, Browsing, Email 1 512kbit
Taos-Flix $50/$50 VOIP, Browsing, Email, Netflix, YouTube 1 for Netflix/YouTube; 2-3 for VOIP, Browsing, and Email 1.5mbit
Taos-Mountain $70/$110 VOIP, Browsing, Email, Netflix, YouTube HD 1 for Netflix (Better Quality), YouTube HD; 4+ for VOIP, Browsing, and Email 3mbit
t-Max up to 6mbit $95/$150 Small networks, Netflix HD, YouTube HD 1 for Netflix HD, YouTube HD; 10+ for non-video Up to 6mbit depending on destination
t-Max up to 9mbit $125/$200 Medium networks with multiple multimedia streams 1 for Netflix HD/YouTube HD + rest of family can browse Up to 9mbit depending on destination
t-Max up to 12mbit $150/$275 Small to medium networks with on-site servers Small/Medium office with a couple servers Up to 12mbit depending on destination

Synchronous Services

Synchronous Services have equal download and upload speeds. These are best for businesses  that upload a lot of content. Examples are developers that upload a lot of picture, video, and audio files, video conferencing, on premises servers and many other applications requiring fast upload and download speeds. TaosNet is currently serving many businesses and schools with dedicated point to point wireless speeds of 12 Mbps, 40 Mbps and 100 Mbps full duplex speeds. Please call us for a free evaluation of availability and pricing for this enterprise level of service.

TaosNet Access Points and Service Areas:

  • TaosNet Tower at 192 Blueberry Hill Rd. (formerly belonging to KTAO) west of the town of Taos
  • TaosNet at 201 Camino de la Merced
  • Stakeout, Golf Course and Los Cordovas area
  • Talpa and Ranchos de Taos
  • Upper and Lower Las Colonias, Blueberry Hill
  • Taos Ski Valley and Amizette
  • Valdez foothills and Des Montes
  • Arroyo Seco and El Salto
  • Gallina Canyon
  • Arroyo Hondo
  • San Cristobal
  • Lama
  • El Rito
  • Costilla
  • Amalia
  • Greater World
  • Tres Orejas
  • Carson
  • Tres Piedras
  • Cielito Lindo